Topaz Blue Gin

Topaz Blue gin

Aldi’s Premium Gin

40% abv ~ England

The Story

Topaz Blue is Aldi doing premium gin. And at £13.99 for a 70cl bottle it is kind of irresistible. 30% cheaper than its lookie-likie Bombay Sapphire. It leapt into my shopping basket by itself, I promise. Read on for my review of Topaz Blue gin.

It’s won an award too. A silver no less at last year’s prestigious International Spirits Challenge putting it alongside Tanqueray No. ten and Daffy’s.

Boasting ten botanicals including the usual suspects’ juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, lemon and orange peel, cassia and cinnamon, as well as the addition of slightly more unusual botanicals almond and liquorice.

“Topaz small batch, hand-crafted superior gin is a testament to the passion and artistry of our distiller.  Wild botanicals and select fruits are carefully and expertly distilled in limited batches for an earthy, spicy, fruit driven, full-bodied taste.” 

topaz blue gin
The Bottle

Hmm… Now, where have I seen that bottle before? In fact, the bottle is nice to hold and pour. You don’t have to juggle it with both hands like some more premium brands with their big odd shapes. The bottle gets a faint blue colour from the back label. It would have been nicer if the bottle itself was blue but now I’m quibbling.

The Nose

Subtle juniper and coriander with a hint of spice and citrus. Quite fruity in fact. 

The Taste

Skinny legs rolling quickly down the side of the glass indicate a light-bodied spirit and it does have a light mouthfeel. I was hoping the addition of almond would have rounded off the body more.

The taste is juniper forward, slightly sour and spicy.  Coriander is there but a bit muddy. Spice and citrus follow on after the juniper and coriander. Overall the impression is one of spiciness with a medium finish.

I’m struggling to see where all the rave reviews about this gin have come from. Am I tasting a different gin altogether?

This is definitely not delicious enough to be a sipping gin. I’m hoping it will improve with a mixer.

The Serve

And it does. It perks up with the addition of plain ole’ tonic, tarted uptopaz blue gin, tonic, fresh ginger and lime with fresh ginger and lime wheel garnish. Now, I’m starting to like it. It’s tasting like a rather nice G&T. Still nothing special but not bad at all.

Compared with its twin I will always go for Bombay Sapphire. But heyhoe ~ at this price I’m not kicking it out of my gin cabinet.


To try this gin hop on over to Aldi to see their growing range of gins.

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