• gin strawberry smash
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    Gin Strawberry Smash

    Strawberries and Wimbledon go hand in hand. As soon as the strawberry season is in then tennis is on the tellybox and us Brits are glued to our screens. And what could be more fitting for watching Wimbledon than with a chilled gin in hand? Even better a gin that features strawberries?

  • Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin
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    Puerto de Indias Strawberry

    Launched in Spain in 2013, Puerto de Indias Strawberry is now available in the UK from March this year after making its debut in America the previous month. At 6 million bottles sold each year, it ranks among the top ten gins sold across the globe and claims to be the best selling strawberry gin in the world.

  • Foxy Lady cocktail
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    Foxy Lady

    With Valentines Day approaching I thought I would have a go at mixing up a special cocktail for the occasion. What better than a pink Foxy Lady, a strawberry gin sour. Strawberries are considered aphrodisiacs and in Ancient Rome the strawberry was a symbol of Venus, the goddess of Love. And for the unromantic among you who think Valentines Day is a consumerist ploy to get us to spend money on pointless stuff such as red roses and cards then take heart, strawberries just happen to be full of Vitamin C. So there is no excuse not to indulge. But for the more romantically inclined mix up this pink delight…