• Janet Peachey
    Meet the Distiller

    Janet Peachey

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Janet Peachey of Peachey’s Norfolk Dry Gin at her distillery deep in the Norfolk countryside. Janet is something of a flavour expert. Her experience in concocting preserves and liqueurs means she doesn’t hang about when it comes to marrying flavours together. Her touch is swift and sure. A lot of heart goes into the making of her gins and liqueurs and it shows.

  • Norwich Gin Club Gin of the Year 2018

    Norwich Gin Club’s Gin of the Year 2018

    Recently I was lucky enough to take part in the Norwich Gin Club’s Gin of the Year 2018, or Battle of the Norfolk Gins. Run by Johnny Wyndham of Van Vino, experienced in organising gin tasting events, as well as rum and wine events, and owning a mobile bar to boot, the evening promised to be a good one.