• Lola and Vera Gin

    Lola & Vera Gin

    Named after two of the four custom made German Christian Carl copper stills at the Santamanía micro-distillery in Madrid, Spain, (Alba and Pepa are the other two) Lola & Vera gin was launched in 2015. It followed their first gin Santamanía in July 2014, created by the passion of Javier Dominguez, Ramon Morillo and Victor Fraile in Spain’s first ever urban distillery.

  • Ungava Canadian Premium Gin
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    Ungava Gin

    The first thing you notice about Ungava gin is its colour. Well, it’s yellow. It stands out neon bright on any gin shelf with its big broad shoulders making its presence felt, saying look at me. And at 43.1% ABV, it’s no lightweight in the alcohol department either.