• Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin
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    Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin

    Whirlybird Gin is the latest expression in a long line of Black Shuck gins from the beautiful county of Norfolk (UK). And if like me, you were lucky enough to have found one in your Christmas stocking last year then you can doubly whoop for joy. Not only have you got yourself a rather tasty gin you are contributing to a worthy cause.

  • How to Make Quince Gin
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    Quince Gin

    Quince is a strange-looking fruit resembling large lumpy golden-skinned pears. Often baked in a quince tart, or combined with other fruits to make a jam or jelly where their high pectin content and unusual flavour comes in useful, quince is just as good infused in gin with its distinctive aroma making a unique flavoured spirit. Follow this recipe to find out how to make your own quince gin.