• Amazzoni Gin
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    Amázzoni Gin

    In a country known for its cachaça, it was a bold move in 2017 to establish a gin distillery. But that’s exactly what the founders of Amázzoni Gin did on an old coffee plantation in Fazenda Cachoiera in the Paraiba river valley. Amázzoni Gin is one of only a handful of gins to come out of South America with the Amazon at the heart of its botanical profile.

  • Boe Violet Gin
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    Boe Violet Gin

    Scottish gins seem to be the thing these days and with a centuries-old distilling history its no surprise that they are leading the charge in the latest gin boom. Boe Gin is right up there at the front and their second expression is no shrinking violet but a gin to be reckoned with. The Boe gins are quality gins with pedigree, the Scottish Gin winning a silver at the World Gin Awards in 2014. So far in their ‘family’, there is the original Scottish Gin, the Violet and a couple of liqueurs: Peach & Hibiscus and Bramble. And I’m sure these four won’t be their last.