• Grow Your Own Garnish

    Grow Your Own Garnish

    In Grow Your Own Garnish I thought it would be fun (and even a little useful) to highlight some of the herbs, flowers and fruit which you can grow yourself at home to use as a garnish in cocktails and gin and tonics. I have chosen the easiest herbs, flowers and fruit to grow in a temperate climate and also ones which I grow myself at home.

  • Lola and Vera Gin

    Lola & Vera Gin

    Named after two of the four custom made German Christian Carl copper stills at the Santamanía micro-distillery in Madrid, Spain, (Alba and Pepa are the other two) Lola & Vera gin was launched in 2015. It followed their first gin Santamanía in July 2014, created by the passion of Javier Dominguez, Ramon Morillo and Victor Fraile in Spain’s first ever urban distillery.