• Gin Spritz
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    Gin Spritz

    Gin Spritz is the simplest cocktail to make and in some ways the nicest. Originally a cocktail from the latter half of the 19th century from the regions of Northern Italy where it meant ‘splash’, it was white wine topped with soda water to dilute it.

  • Valentines Day Cocktails
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    Valentine’s Day Cocktails

    Fall in love with these delectably creamy Valentine’s Day cocktails. The Lady Godiva uses fresh raspberries and combines them with chocolate and gin to make a heavenly fruity cocktail. The Lord Godiva packs a greater punch with the tried and tested duo of chocolate and coffee.

  • Gin Blueberry Smash
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    Gin Blueberry Smash

    Gin blueberry smash is a fantastic cocktail to mix up in winter, at a time of the year when summer seems a distant memory and the excesses of the Christmas season all too recent. Blueberries are now available all year round in supermarkets and rosemary is a hardy herb that can withstand rigorous winter temperatures.