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  • How to Make Homemade Lime Syrup
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    How to Make Lime Syrup

    Lime syrup is a must-have ingredient in your fridge for cocktails and mocktails. It adds a slight almost spicy sourness to cocktails and is also great as a dash of sweetness in a G&T. You can buy readymade but homemade is best. It is also so easy to make and keeps for weeks in your fridge that it makes sense to make to own. Your homemade syrup will never be clear unless you are super patient enough to strain it through a coffee filter and even then it may be a little cloudy. But neither will it be suspiciously bright green like some of the commercial ones.

  • Dr Stravinsky
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    Dr Stravinsky, Barcelona

    Tucked away down one of the labyrinthine alleyways of the El Born district in the Old Town of Barcelona is a speakeasy bar: Dr Stravinsky. Run by co-owner and bar manager Antonio Naranjo it has been open for only 18 months but has already earned a reputation as a world-class cocktail bar. More botanical gin bar than a traditional cocktail bar Dr Stravinsky is well placed in the cultural El Born. There are bars, restaurants, jazz clubs, museums, flamenco and street entertainers aplenty to keep you occupied 24/7.