A tablespoon of sloe gin

Sloe Gin Fudge

A recipe combining both gin and fudge


What more could you want?


If you have any sloe gin left over after Christmas, maybe the odd dribble left at the bottom of a bottle a kind friend has given you, then this sloe gin fudge recipe is perfect for that remaining thimbleful.




397g can condensed milk

2 cups sugar

50g unsalted butter

1 tbsp liquid glucose

1/4 cup sloe gin




Step 1: add all the ingredients, except the sloe gin and butter, to a pan. You will need a pan that is both non-stick and has high sides. The fudge mixture will rise up when it reaches a certain temperature and will boil over and make a mess of your cooker top if your pan is too shallow.


Fudge boiling at 115 degrees
Fudge boiling at 115 degrees


Step 2: stir constantly over a medium heat while the sugar granules dissolve completely until the mixture comes to a boil. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve failed to do this and the mixture has caught on the bottom of the pan and I’ve made a burnt sticky mess.

Step 3: the mixture needs to reach 115c. Use a sugar thermometer. It saves a lot of time and hassle over the soft ball method.

Step 4: don’t rush this stage. Keep stirring. It will feel like an eternity to get to the magic 115c. But probably only about 10 mins.


A tablespoon of sloe gin
Yummy sloe gin!


Step 5: when your mixture has reached 115c (a higher temperature will result in a harder fudge) remove from the heat and cool in the pan until the temperature has dropped to 70c. Then add the sloe gin and the butter.

Step 6: alcohol has a boiling point of 78.2c. Don’t be tempted to add your gin before your mixture has cooled below this point. It will simply evaporate and your fudge will taste less ginny.

Step 7: beat your mixture as it cools to avoid your fudge developing a grainy texture. It is perfectly acceptable to use an electric whisk ~ unless you have masochistic tendencies.


sloe gin fudge
Sloe Gin Fudge


Step 8: as soon as your sloe gin fudge starts to thicken (it will become paler and more matt) pour it into a container. I use a silicon one.

Step 9: let it cool in the fridge then cut into squares ~ enjoy!


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