Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin
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Puerto de Indias Strawberry

“It’s not pink, it’s Puerto!”


ABV: 37.5%
Origin: Spain
Style: Contemporary


Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is distilled in one of Andalusia’s oldest distilleries in one of the oldest towns in Spain: the town of Carmona in the province of Seville, boasting several thousand years of occupation since prehistoric times.

The Los Alcores de Carmona distillery, originally founded by a refugee from the Carlist Wars, was bought by the Fernadez brothers to restore it and preserve Sevillian heritage. Since then they have been busy making the traditional spirits of anisette, aniseed-flavoured spirit and pacharán. Pacharán is a traditional Basque liqueur using the anisette as a base and flavouring it with sloe berries, coffee and cinnamon. Often made at home it is akin to sloe gin.


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Un Feliz Accidente

But it was a happy accident that brought about the creation of their most famous spirit. While crafting gin they experimented by adding some fresh mashed strawberries to the mix and Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin was born.

The name comes from a time in the 16th Century when Seville was known as Puerto de Indias and was a primary port of trade for the New World. The bottle shape is inspired by the iconic Torre del Oro or Gold Tower in Seville.


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UK Launch

Launched in Spain in 2013, Puerto de Indias Strawberry is now available in the UK from March this year after making its debut in America the previous month. At 6 million bottles sold each year, it ranks among the top ten gins sold across the globe and claims to be the best selling strawberry gin in the world.

The distillery has invested a considerable amount of money in its UK launch, with the strapline “It’s not pink, it’s Puerto”. With pink gins harvesting 75% of the growth in sales last year and showing no sign of slowing down, it is money worth investing and shows a measure of trust in the strength of the UK gin market.

So love it or hate it, it looks like pink gin is here to stay. For a while at least.


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Known Botanicals

Juniper, fresh Seville strawberries.


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Tasting Notes

It’s pink!

The aroma of strawberries is evident just releasing the cap. Sweet, junipery and fragrant. Reminiscent of strawberry ice cream

The strawberry ice cream doesn’t stop with the aroma. The taste is of strawberries and cream ice cream with a juniper wafer. A creamy mouthfeel with a sweet long finish of strawberries and a hint of liquorice.

There isn’t much more to say about this gin. It is simple and uncomplicated. I like it.


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To Serve

This gin could be in danger of becoming an alcopop but splashing in a dash of tonic serves to dampen down the sweet ice cream flavour. Refreshingly light tonic with a wedge of lime, strawberry and a sprig of mint turn this gin into something quite grownup. 


Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin


Want to experiment? Make a Foxy Lady cocktail and celebrate the sheer fruitiness of this gin.



Foxy Lady cocktail
Foxy Lady



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