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  • Hibiscus
    Botanicals Distilled


    Hibiscus is a popular key botanical in gin often taking centre stage. It also pops up in mixers and is found paired with pomegranate and grapefruit where its tart fruitiness finds natural partners. It is the trumpet-shaped flowers or calyces that distillers are interested in. The calyces are tart to the point of bitterness, adding a jammy floral note to gin.

  • Larios 12
    Gin,  Reviews

    Larios 12

    If you like Larios Dry Gin and Larios Rose its a safe bet you will like Larios 12, its premium expression. The name comes from the twelve botanicals used in its five distillations. Blended together with a predominance of citrus, orange blossom is the fifth distillation. The bottle has a more premium look too with its vibrant deep blue colour.

  • festive gin cocktails
    Cocktails,  Gin,  Recipes

    5 Fabulously Festive Gin Cocktails

    The Christmas season is here and I have put together 5 festive gin cocktails to suit all occasions. To kick off the party is a cranberry riff on the French 75, followed by the Christmas Velvet Alexander combining gin and granny’s favourite advocaat, then a sophisticated Martinez, a fruitily refreshing Saigon Cooler and finally, a warming gin Hot Toddy.