• Martinez cocktail
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    The Martinez cocktail is the grandmother of the martini, emerging some time in the latter half of the 19th Century. A riff on the whisky-based Manhattan, it first appeared in print in O.H. Byron’s 1884 The Modern Bartender as a footnote to the more popular whisky cocktail. Originally the Martinez called for Dutch genever but for a long time now has been made with London Dry gin. Jerry Thomas’ 1887 Bar-tenders Guide lists Old Tom as the main ingredient. This recipe uses Thomas’ Old Tom gin which I think gives it a softer more balanced ‘ginny’ profile. I’m also not very fond of the malty genever. But if that is…

  • 10 Top Tips for a Great Gin and Tonic

    10 Top Tips for a Great Gin and Tonic

    Who doesn’t love a gin and tonic? Light and refreshing, like fizzy air in a glass, the classic G&T is the easiest and simplest of cocktails to make at home. The perfect companion on a warm summer evening or by the fireside in winter. Easy to make? Well, you might think so. And you might be forgiven for thinking ‘Do I really need someone to tell me how to make a gin and tonic?’ But the difference between a so-so G&T and a great gin and tonic is like comparing fine dining to a ready meal.

  • Eden Mill Love Gin
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    Eden Mill Love Gin

    Eden Mill is a brewery/distillery, the only one in Scotland to make whisky, gin and beer, bringing back to life an old distillery on the banks of the River Eden in St. Andrews, Fife. Eden Mill prides itself on using local botanicals from the surrounding estuary, including sea buckthorn, the key botanical in its Original Gin. The master distillers' skill at making gin comes from their talent at making whisky. Eden Mill Love Gin is the second gin in their core range of small-batch vapour infused gins.