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Merry Ginmas

My Twelve Gins of Christmas

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My Ginmas List


There are lots of lovely ginny gift guides out there at the moment which have inspired me to create my own Ginmas List.


Typically though, instead of small gifts: earrings, books and such like, I have gone for full-size 70cl bottles. And let’s face it if given the choice between a pair of gin and tonic earrings or socks emblazoned with a ‘hilarious’ gin joke or a lovely bottle of gin which would you rather find in your stocking on the big day?


My list is a retrospective of old favourites:  My Twelve Gins of Christmas. So in the words of that most seasonal of songs, ‘These are a few of my favourite gins!’


And if FC is looking on I have been a very good girl this year.



Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

This gin in its quirky ribbed blue bottle always makes my heart sing when I know I have a bottle sitting there on my gin shelf. The detailing on the bottle is superb and the flavour does not disappoint. My favourite garnish for Drumshanbo has to be star anise. It really brings out the spiciness of this gin. Read more here.



Tanqueray Malacca G&T

Tanqueray Malacca

I know this is a hard gin to get in the UK. But I’m sure the Man in Red can magic up a bottle for my Ginmas stocking. For me, this gin has it all and conjures up a long cold G&T sundowner on a terrace somewhere hot ~ one can but dream in December. For more info on this elusive gin click here.



Nordes Gin


This is one weird gin but I always have to have a bottle in the house and every time I pour a G&T it tastes different. How is that?! Find out about this singular gin in my review here.



Gin Mare

Gin Mare

Who’d have thought a savoury gin could taste so good. But Gin Mare has to be my go-to gin when serving with fish or a lovely orange sticky pudding. It is so versatile when paired with any number of garnishes. Find out more here.



Eden Mill Chilli & Ginger Gin

Eden Mill Chilli & Ginger Gin

When Eden Mill paired up with Aldi I thought ~ hmm really? And then I tasted their gin. Eden Mill Chilli & Ginger Gin ticks all my spiced-gin-loving boxes. Paired with ginger ale it has a real kick to it. Read more here.



Beefeater London Dry Gin

Beefeater London Dry

A British stalwart, this is my go-to gin for all my cocktails. It has just the right balance of robust juniper-fruitiness. And it’s not bad at all in a G&T either. Beefeater’s Head Distiller Desmond Payne picked up a well-deserved MBE at the beginning of this year for his 50-year service to distilling. Click here for full Beefeater review.



Peacheys Norfolk Dry Gin

Peachey’s Norfolk Dry Gin

This was a new find for me this summer, having first tasted it at Norwich Gin Club’s Battle of the Norfolk gins. After meeting Janet Peachey at her distillery to try out a few more of her gins I can see why she is such an expert with flavour. Find out more about Janet Peachey and her gins here.



Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin

Junipalooza London find. I met Peter of Blackwater at Junipalooza London when he was showcasing this beautiful strawberry gin. Distilled and infused with strawberries this gin in a G&T with Franklin & Sons Sicilian lemonade, strawberry, basil and cracked black pepper to garnish went down a storm. For more on this gin click here.



Four Pillars x Herno Dry Island Gin


Four Pillars x Herno Dry Island Gin

When this arrived in my August Craft Gin Box I was mightily delighted. A collaboration between these two distilleries at opposite ends of the globe: Herno from Sweden and Four Pillars from Australia, could only promise great things. And they certainly delivered. I was so excited I threw almost a fruit bowl of garnishes at it, including lemon balm from my garden, which worked out rather well. Even better it is now available on general release.



St Giles Gin

St. Giles Gin

Another Norfolk gin and one which has a smooth creaminess to it with a full-bodied taste of citrus and lemongrass. I just love this gin and the care and passion that go into its creation.



Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47

Any bar worth its olives has a bottle of this gin on its shelf. And even if you can’t distinguish all 47 of its botanicals it still makes a cracking G&T. You can’t fail with this gin and it is astoundingly popular for very good reason.



The Botanist gin

The Botanist

Last but not least on my Ginmas List. A gentle sipping gin that tastes and smells of summer hay meadows. This lovely shy little number is delicate and fragrant. And the bottle’s not bad either with its wonderful tactile Latin lettering. For full review read here.


For gin lovers, these will be old(ish) well-loved favourites with perhaps one or two you may not have heard of. I’m sure you all have your own Ginmas Lists. So that just leaves me to say…



Merry Ginmas!

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