Lotus cocktail
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A stunning purple cocktail sure to hit the sweet spot


The colour of this cocktail is quite striking and for those of you who like a bit of fruitiness in their gin this one will hit the sweet spot. Less dry than other martini style cocktails, the lychee syrup adds fruitiness and piquancy of flavour.


Devised by Martin Walander at the Match Bar in London in 2001 the Lotus cocktail strikes a violet pose at the bar. Sure to catch any cocktail lovers eye.

And while some cocktails are pretty without any personality. This one is sure to please with its complex fruitiness from the lychee, orange and pomegranate flavours.


There are several variations on the lotus cocktail. This one uses Simon Difford’s recipe from Difford’s Guide.



Cocktail / martini



6 Mint leaves

60 ml / 2 oz London dry gin

7.5 ml / .25 oz Blue Curacao

7.5 ml / .25 oz Grenadine

45 ml / 1.5 oz Lychee syrup


Tip: Lychee syrup from a tin of fruit is perfectly acceptable.



Muddle the mint leaves in a shaker to bruise.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Shake with ice.

Fine strain into a martini glass.



Sprig of mint




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