Lola and Vera Gin

Lola & Vera Gin

Descardamente Fresca


ABV: 40%
Origin: Spain


Named after two of the four custom made German Christian Carl copper stills at the Santamanía micro-distillery in Madrid, Spain, (Alba and Pepa are the other two) Lola & Vera gin was launched in 2015. It followed their first gin Santamanía in July 2014, created by the passion of Javier Dominguez, Ramon Morillo and Victor Fraile in Spain’s first ever urban distillery.


Lola Y Vera is a craft gin distilled in small batches albeit in high tech stills. Each batch distilled in the 280Ltr Vera creates 330 bottles. And what eye-catching bottles they are with their vivid pop art labels.


The gins main point of interest, however, is that fresh green apples are macerated in organic neutral grain spirit overnight prior to distillation in the morning in one shot with the rest of the botanicals to produce a rather unique gin.


Known Botanicals

Juniper, coriander, fresh green apple, sunflower seeds, fresh orange peel, fresh lemon peel, ginger, cardamom, anise, liquorice, cassia.


Tasting Notes

The nose is juniper with the fruity fresh aroma of spiced apple peel.

The first thing I notice on tasting is that the apple disappears. Even with a dash of water, I am left with a faultlessly made but seemingly entry-level gin with a slight earthiness about it. There is juniper there, so no doubt it’s a gin, but it isn’t very complex and I can’t get very excited about it. Something is missing and I think it is the top bright notes of citrus.

It is a robust gin and a certain spiciness livens it up. The finish is rooty.

London Dry in style, this is nevertheless a Mediterranean gin comparable to Gin Mare and Nordes for its unabashed flavour but without their complexity.


To Serve

Tonic water wakes up the apple but sends the juniper to sleep. But I do like it – up to a point. It is eminently quaffable with tonic.


I wouldn’t use it in a cocktail though. I think its brashness might scare the other cocktail ingredients out of the shaker. On the other hand, it did do rather well in a Negroni.





To find out more about Santamanía visit their website here.


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