Lemon Sherbet Kiss
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Lemon Sherbet Kiss

Celebrate the end of the Old Year and the beginning of the New with a beautifully creamy Lemon Sherbet Kiss cocktail. The flavours of lemon and basil complement each other so well, bringing a memory of summer days to the deepest darkest winter evening.


I haven’t calculated all the calories in this Lemon Sherbet Kiss cocktail but if like me, you are a little concerned (read secretly horrified) by the number of calories you have consumed over the festive season then you may just have to hold out a little bit longer.


There, you thought I was going to say something consolatory but there is no hiding it. Cream, gin, limoncello, syrup and prosecco are indulgent big hitters when it comes to calories.



Glass: Champagne flute


  • 60ml / 2oz Old Tom gin
  • 30ml / 1oz Limoncello
  • 30ml / 1oz single cream
  • 5ml / 0.75oz simple syrup
  • Prosecco


  1. Decorate the rim of your champagne flute with edible gold.
  2. Add the first four ingredients to a shaker with ice.
  3. Shake vigorously to emulsify the single cream.
  4. Strain and pour into a chilled champagne flute.
  5. Top with prosecco.


Garnish: Lemon zest and basil ~ and a giant sparkler!


Tip ~ You can buy pots of edible gold and silver from most major supermarkets. Simply dip the rim of your glass into a saucer of liquid. I find lemon juice works really well. It has just the right amount of viscosity and stickiness to make those particles of gold and silver really stick. Lightly shake your glass of any excess lemon juice, then dip the rim of your glass into a saucer of edible gold. Tap to remove excess particles which may drop into your glass and spoil the look of your drink. Stand the glass upright to dry. Chill in your freezer if you have space, making sure not to let the gold rim touch anything.




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