Knut Hansen Dry Gin
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Knut Hansen Dry Gin

ABV: 42%
Origin: Germany
Style: Dry


You don’t need to have been a ginthusiast for very long to come across Knut Hansen Dry Gin. If the strange name doesn’t catch your eye then the arresting blue eyes piercing out from the stoneware bottle certainly will. With anchor tattoo, scar and seemingly Victorian yet quite modern facial hair the face is that of Knut Hansen, purportedly a legendary Hamburg sailor.

“an honest guy who did not let anything or anyone stop him on his journey, who took the liberty to head for the places he always wanted to see, experiencing countless adventures.”

It’s strange but for someone so legendary he left very little trace behind except in the name of this gin? Hansen is a very common name in Hamburg but how many Knuts or Knuds can there be? Other websites have sited Knut Lier-Hansen as the inspiration. But he was a Norwegian WWII resistance fighter. Are the distillers Kaspar Hagedorn and Martin Spieker pulling our legs a little? Intriguing.

Produced in the north German village of Dollerup near Flensburg using a 200L copper Holstein still, Knut Hansen Dry Gin is distilled 4 times with seemingly low energy input. There are 14 botanicals in all, some of them known, the others a secret.


Known Botanicals

Juniper, apple, basil, cucumber


Tasting Notes

On the nose most definitely juniper. There is a sweetness as well, most probably of apple but difficult to tell. The fragrance is pleasant and tempting.

To taste Knut Hansen is instantly juniper. The sweetness is still there and so is the apple. The finish is strong and sweet with juniper and liquorice rounding off nicely. This is a very nice gin indeed, balanced and well made.


To Serve

The distillers suggest the Nordic way:

“wait until it’s 6 degrees outside with a slight drizzle and a bit of wind. Then grab your friends, go to the harbour and enjoy an ice-cold KNUTI TONIC with a slice of orange. Works also with 30 degrees and without rain.”

I don’t know about you but I’ll take the 30 degrees any day.

Plain premium tonic enhances this gin and doesn’t mask its fine flavours. You can faff about all you want with fancy tonics, but this gin for one doesn’t need them.


Knut Hansen Dry Gin



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