Jaffa cake Gin
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Jaffa Cake Gin

ABV: 42%
Origin: England
Style: Contemporary


* This gin was given to me as a sample by Atom Group. All opinions though are definitely my own.


Star Botanicals

“Real-life no-fooling jaffa cakes”


Tasting Notes

Atom Group are an innovative, fun and exciting drinks group, responsible for Ableforth’s, Drinks by the Dram and That Boutique-y Gin Company to name a few. Only a few years old they are already making waves in the drinks industry. Their latest invention, Jaffa Cake Gin, has been created to make “the best negroni mankind has ever seen.” A bold claim indeed!

Bold claims aside, Atom have raised the whole JC is it a biscuit or cake debate to another level: Is it a gin?

Who would have thought of distilling actual, real Jaffa cakes in a still to make gin? Mad or inspired?


So what is it like?

Well, if you love Jaffa cakes ~ You will love this gin.

The aroma is unmistakably Jaffa cake. Surprisingly, the piney juniper doesn’t clash with the tangy orangey chocolatey smell. And neither is it overwhelmed.

It tastes exactly as it smells. Oh boy, pure liquid boozy Jaffa cake. Sweet but not cloyingly so. It is still gin. The fresh marmalade orange is followed by the warmth of chocolate. And juniper isn’t forgotten either.


I tried it on the diehard juniper lover in our household thinking they would take one sip and pull a face before asking for a proper gin. They didn’t, merely mildly remarking that it would make a good sipping gin.


And it does. Though not created as a liqueur it is indeed perfect for sipping neat.


Jaffa Cake Gin is an unashamedly fun gin that doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time, it is sophisticated enough to avoid the alcopop trap that some other contemporary gins have fallen into. It is definitely a moreish gin.


To Serve

To serve we tried it in a negroni for starters as instructed on the website with equal quantities of gin, Campari and sweet Rosso vermouth.

The gin knocked out some of the Campari bitterness. A bonus for someone like me who is not the world’s biggest negroni fan.

Jaffa Cake Gin

Jaffa Cake Gin Negroni


Next, we tried it with really good tart lemonade, Italian limonata, to make an alcoholic St Clements. Delicious.

Jaffa Cake Gin

With lemonade… 


Available from Master of Malt.


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