Hedgerow Gin
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Hedgerow Gin

* This gin was given to me as a sample by the Sloemotion Distillery. All opinions are my own.


ABV: 42%
Origin: Yorkshire, England
Style:  Contemporary


Hedgerow Gin is part of a range of premium spirits distilled by Sloemotion Distillery based at Green Farm in the village of Barton-le-Willows in North Yorkshire. At a time when provenance is an integral part of any food or drink product Sloemotion have had foraging and ‘green’ credentials at the heart of their spirits business from the very beginning.

Founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Joff and Claire Curtoys, and joined later by Joff’s brother Julian. Joff is a trained conservationist and policy advisor on agricultural issues for the RSPB. In the beginning, the focus was on the establishment of wild tracts of land on the farm.

By 2006 they were ready to begin making their sloe gin using just sugar, water and sloes from the many sloe bushes that were flourishing on the farm.


No self-respecting country folk are backwards when it comes to picking sloes in autumn to make gin. And if you would like to have a go at home follow this easy recipe.


First created in 2017, Hedgerow Gin uses hay from a micro-meadow on the farm. Ingredients are handpicked and mostly come from Green Farm and the surrounding Ryedale countryside. The sloe stones from the sloe gin are recycled into the production of the hedgerow range. Spent botanicals are turned into compost then repurposed as a soil conditioner on the farm.

The spirits are distilled in the environmentally-friendly iStill. (And if you haven’t heard of Odin and his iStill you can find out about him here.) These are just a few of the ethical choices the Sloemotion team have made.

Continual development also plays an important part in their business with a comprehensive range of Hedgerow Spirits as well as a new range of Finders Spirits launched in 2020.


Star Botanicals

Crab apples, nettle leaves, sloe stones, rosehip, elderflowers, wildflower meadow hay


So what does Hedgerow Gin taste like?


Tasting Notes

On the nose, this is definitely gin. The juniper is unmistakable but not punchy with green notes.

It tastes mellow and soft with hints of a dry grassy meadow and elderflower. A well-balanced gin with a good ratio of juniper to the more unusual botanicals. Rosehip adds a little earthy weight.

I don’t usually like to compare gins as they are all so very different but in this case, I would say it joins the category of fresh, green gins along with the likes of The Botanist.


To Serve

Plain tonic with a dash of elderflower syrup makes for a refreshing summer drink, soft and light, enhancing the elderflower notes in the gin.


Hedgerow Gin



Find out how easy it is to make homemade elderflower syrup here.


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