GinBow Premium Tropical Gin
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GinBow Premium Tropical Gin

* This gin was given to me as a sample by House of Malt. All opinions are my own.


ABV: 37.5%
Origin: England
Style: Contemporary


House of Malt have partnered with Carlisle Distillery who make Carlisle Gin to create this unusually coloured blue gin GinBow Premium Tropical Gin. Distilled by a NHS Senior Nurse (in his spare time!!!), this fun gin has a serious purpose: to raise money for the NHS. 10% of the profit of every bottle goes straight to support the NHS and hence the name.

Once the guys at HoM and CG had decided on the name they had to come up with a flavour to match. Skittles anyone?

Flavour decided upon they set to the colour of their gin. Why blue? Well the ‘colour’ of the NHS is blue. But NHS blue is rather dark, and would be rather unappealing, so they have gone instead for a light blue with a touch of shimmer.


But what does it taste like?


Star Botanicals



Tasting Notes

On the nose, more juniper than I was expecting. The aroma is sweet, like liquid Skittles or dolly mixtures. Smelling more like a liqueur than a gin.

The pale blue shimmer dissipates once poured into a glass. It does have a backbone of juniper but this gin also tastes as it smells: very, very fruity and unmistakably like Skittles.

There is enough juniper and enough alcohol to make your mouth pleasantly tingle and take the edge off the sweetness. I like it more than I thought I would and its quite an achievement not to have produced a sickly sweet mess.


To Serve

With tonic, the sweetness is knocked back a little. But I would say tonic isn’t the partner for this gin.

Drink it as you would a liqueur. I preferred it neat and at 37.5% ABV that’s not too shabby for a liqueur. Neat it is very moreish and I love fruity flavours anyway.

Put your gin snobbery aside, if you have any, and this is a fun, palatable drink with a serious purpose.


To buy a bottle of GinBow Premium Tropical Gin for £25.95 from the guys at House of Malt click here.