Gin Spritz
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Gin Spritz

Gin Spritz is the simplest cocktail to make and in some ways the nicest. Originally a cocktail from the latter half of the 19th century from the regions of Northern Italy where it meant ‘splash’, it started out as white wine topped with soda water to dilute it.


These days a spritz is more likely to be an Aperol Spritz. But if you’re not particularly fond of Aperol’s bitter taste and vivid orange colour then this recipe for a Gin Spritz might be more to your taste.


Traditionally the ratios for a spritz were 3 parts prosecco to 2 parts bitter liqueur to 1 part soda water. Here I’ve played fast and loose with the ratios. The gin essentially replaces the bitter liqueur and the prosecco and soda water ratios are up for grabs.


I’ve added a flavoured syrup too. The permutations are endless and you can create whatever flavours you choose. One of my favourite springtime spritz is homemade gooseberry gin with elderflower syrup and prosecco.


Glass: champagne flute


  • 30 ml / 1oz or 60 ml / 2oz gin
  • 45 ml / 1 ½ oz or 90 ml / 3 oz prosecco (I used pink prosecco for the photo)
  • A ‘splash’ of your favourite flavoured cocktail syrup
  • A ‘splash’ of soda water


  1. Rim a champagne flute with your flavoured syrup and sugar.
  2. Chill in the fridge.
  3. Pour gin into the chilled champagne flute.
  4. Add the flavoured syrup and stir gently.
  5. Top with prosecco, pink or otherwise.


Garnish: plain or go fancy, depending on the flavour of your spritz