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Gin Basil Smash
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Gin Basil Smash

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Looking like you have blitzed Kermit the Frog, the Gin Basil Smash is a relatively new cocktail, an infant in the world of mixology


Created in July 2008 by Joerg Meyer, owner and bartender of Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg the Gin Basil Smash is his signature cocktail and was originally called Gin Pesto. It won an award: Best New Cocktail at The Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards in July 2008.

The recipe is simple and for very little effort you can be sipping a delicious cocktail in your garden full of homegrown basil.


Tip ~ Don’t use your best, most expensive gin. Traditionally Hendrick’s gin is used for this cocktail but the flavour of the basil does dominate, so any good quality gin will do.



Old fashioned



10~12 fresh basil leaves + extra for garnish

60ml / 2oz London Dry gin

22.5ml / .75oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (I have dialled it down a little from the traditional recipe which I felt was a little sour to my taste)

15ml / .5oz sugar syrup



Muddle the basil leaves with the lemon juice in the shaker. Give them a real bashing until the lemon juice turns a vivid green.

Add the rest of the ingredients and some ice to the shaker.

Shake vigorously.

Add a couple of large chunks of good clear ice to your glass.

Fine strain the smash into the ice-filled glass through a strainer to catch the green bits.



Fresh basil leaves


Gin Basil Smash



Variation: Gin Cilantro Smash


The Basil Smash lends itself to lots of variations. A bit of a fan of coriander (I regularly use the leaves in salads) I thought I would try substituting cilantro leaves (coriander) for the basil. Not as pretty a vivid green as the Gin Basil Smash the result was nevertheless rather delicious with a fresh green spiciness.

By the way, don’t omit the lime. It really is necessary to bring out the flavour of the cilantro/coriander.



A handful of cilantro (coriander) leaves

60ml / 2oz London Dry gin

22.5ml / .75oz  freshly squeezed Silician blood orange juice

5ml / 1 bar spoon freshly squeezed lime juice

15ml / .5oz sugar syrup



Same as before.


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