Finders Fruits of the Forest Gin
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Finders Spirits Fruits of the Forest Gin

* This gin was given to me as a sample by the Sloemotion Distillery. All opinions are my own.


ABV: 40%
Origin: Yorkshire, England
Style:  Contemporary


A new range of spirits called Finders Spirits has landed on the gin shelf this Spring (2020). Launched by the Yorkshire based Sloemotion Distillery to complement their premium foraged Hedgerow Spirits range. Not one but seven spirits were launched in the range, a bold move in these uncertain times.

There are three gins in the new range all blended gins, one of which is reviewed here, two rums and two vodkas. Described by their Head Distiller as a ‘riot of intriguing and joyful flavours’, the Finders Spirits range was created to be more accessible to the market while retaining the companies green credentials.

Sloemotion Distillery is based at the aptly-named Green Farm in the village of Barton-le-Willows in North Yorkshire. Founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Joff and Claire Curtoys, and joined later by Joff’s brother Julian. Joff is a trained conservationist and policy advisor on agricultural issues for the RSPB. In the beginning, the focus was on the establishment of wild tracts of land on the farm.

By 2006 they were ready to begin making their sloe gin using just sugar, water and sloes from the many sloe bushes that were flourishing on the farm.

No self-respecting country folk are backwards when it comes to picking sloes in autumn to make gin. And if you would like to have a go at making a batch at home follow this easy recipe.

At a time when provenance is an integral part of any food or drink product Sloemotion have had foraging and ‘green’ credentials at the heart of their spirits business from the very beginning.

Ingredients are handpicked and mostly come from Green Farm and the surrounding Ryedale countryside. Spent botanicals are turned into compost then repurposed as a soil conditioner on the farm.

The spirits are distilled in the environmentally-friendly iStill. (And if you haven’t heard of Odin and his iStill you can find out about him here.)

These are just a few of the ethical choices the Sloemotion team have made.

Finders Spirits Fruits of the Forest Gin is a blended gin. This means it is made up of blended distillates.


Star Botanicals

19 botanicals; including orange peel, mint, ginger, lavender, blueberry, raspberry, black cherry


Tasting Notes

There is an unmistakably fruity fragrance to this pale blush gin which coupled with juniper and coriander gives it an earthy fruity aroma. Less sweet than you would expect from the colour.

On tasting it the first hit is fruity. Although I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what fruit it is I’m tasting. It’s more a of a ginny fruit salad.

There is also a definite weighty hint of coriander, which we could detect on the nose. Juniper comes in at the finish, increasing with the more sips you take.

This is not a pink gin in the latest tradition of pink sweet and fruity gins. The colour for one is a pale violet blush and the fruitiness errs more on the side of earthy.

The ABV is a reasonable 40%. Although, I would have preferred a percentage or two more.


To Serve

The suggested serve is with Meditteranean tonic in a ratio of 1:2 but we always start with plain premium Indian tonic to see how the gin fares in a classic combo. With the acidity of tonic water, the gin’s earthy fruitiness is perked up and we preferred it to the Meditteranean tonic. But either are good.

This would make a good cocktail gin.

Not really for the gin connoisseur, it is more of a bridge gin but this is reflected in its price point and marketing. If you are new to gin and want to try something a little more adventurous than the ubiquitous pink gin then this is the gin for you.


To find out more about Finders Spirits click here. They even have a recipe for Finders Fruits of the Forest Gin Ice Lollies which I am yet to try but sounds delicious.


Finders Fruits of the Forest Gin