Eden Mill Love Gin

Small Batch Vapour Infused Scottish Gin

42% abv ~ Scotland

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I thought it would be a good idea to sample a gin that given its name appears to be the perfect serve for a night of luurve (cue Barry White music if you are of ahem a certain age). Read on for my review of Eden Mill Love Gin.

The Story

Eden Mill is a brewery/distillery, the only one in Scotland to make whisky, gin and beer, bringing back to life an old distillery on the banks of the River Eden in St. Andrews, Fife. Eden Mill prides itself on using local botanicals from the surrounding estuary, including sea buckthorn, the key botanical in its Original Gin. The master distillers’ skill at making gin comes from their talent at making whisky.

Love Gin is the second gin in the Eden Mill core range of small batch vapour infused gins. The key botanicals are hibiscus and rose petals.

Eden Mill Love GinThe Bottle

The bottle is stoneware and has a nice quality, chunky feel to it. I love the swing stopper. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pour well and dribbles down the bottle. Apart from being rather unsexy it wastes a precious little bit of gin every time you pour your loved one a G&T.

The Nose

The aroma is a heavenly fragrance: sweet, flavourful and floral, with just a backdrop of resinous juniper to add substance and complexity to the bouquet and stop the nose being cloyingly sweet.

The Taste

The gin is a delicate knicker pink. So much so that the pink almost isn’t there. Fat tears rolling down the sides of the glass indicate a gin packed full of botanicals and it has an oily full-bodied mouth-feel to match.

Usually, you would expect taste to follow on from smell. Usually. And you would expect a flower as exotic as hibiscus, one of the key botanicals in Love Gin, to have an intoxicating floral taste.

But hibiscus is a rather two-faced botanical. One that must be handled with care. Distilled, it gives off a divine floral fragrance which belies its bitter taste with a hint of cold stewed tea. In Love Gin, the initial citrusy juniper gives way to bossy hibiscus. With the softly sweet rose petal as sidekick holding it back from being too dominant, rounded off by a woody finish.

Love Gin is a complex gin. One minute I like it the next I don’t.

As the perfect serve for a night of love, I’m not sure about this one. We would probably spend all night long debating the merits of this bittersweet gin.

But on the whole I rather like it and it certainly has a place in my cabinet.

The Serve

To take it down a sweet path I would add Fentimans Rose Lemonade to complement the rose in the gin, ratio 1:3.

To go with its bitter complexity pair it with The London Essence Company Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic ratio 1:2. I rather like this combination. The blood orange and bitter orange in the tonic put the hibiscus in its place.

If you’re feeling really brave then try it with grapefruit juice. Although I haven’t yet tried this combination. I think it might have me clenching more than the stem of my Copa glass.


For more information on this marmitian gin head on over to their website.



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