Cucumber Syrup
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Cucumber Syrup

Aside from simple syrup, cucumber syrup is one of the easiest cocktail syrup recipes to make. It is also super quick and you don’t even need to have access to a cooker or hob. It can be made ‘cold’.

(If you want to try your hand at making simple syrup, find out how here.)

Cucumber syrup is a very pretty soft green but it won’t colour your cocktails. The amount you add to a cocktail, usually around 5ml or 1 bar spoon, is minimal in the total volume of liquid. But the flavour will be there.

And if you think you don’t like cucumber, think again. The flavour is not full-on salad bowl but a fresh subtle greenness that goes surprisingly well with a lot of gins.

Hendrick’s is one gin that uses cucumber as one of its botanicals. A dash, and no more, of cucumber syrup with Hendrick’s ramps up the cucumberyness of your G&T.

Another summery combination, and one of my favourites, is cucumber syrup with rhubarb gin. A dash of the syrup and plain tonic with your favourite rhubarb gin is a perfect summer evening sip. Who would have thought that cucumber and rhubarb pair so well together?


  • 1 cucumber
  • Sugar
  1. Peel the cucumber or the resulting syrup will be bright green. (I have done this. The resulting syrup looked like I had blitzed Kermit the Frog. And if you don’t know who Kermit is I am suddenly feeling very old!)
  2. Blitz the cucumber in a food processor.
  3. Strain the blitzed cucumber through a sieve lined with a muslin cloth.
  4. Don’t be tempted to rush this stage or the liquid will be cloudy.
  5. Catch and measure the liquid by volume and pour into a pan.
  6. Measure a similar volume of sugar and add to the liquid cucumber juice.
  7. Heat gently in a pan to dissolve the sugar crystals. (You can leave this step out by just gently mixing the cucumber juice and sugar cold in a jug. It will just take a little longer.)
  8. Cool if necessary.
  9. Bottle in a sterilised bottle.
  10. The cucumber syrup will keep in a fridge for a few weeks.


If you want to try your hand at making rhubarb syrup to go with this fresh cucumber syrup then click here for my easy recipe.


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