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Read on for reviews about gins from around the world, introducing you to new flavours. Find out what we think about the bottle, the nose , the taste and the serve. Reviews of distillery tours included!

  • Panda Gin
    Gin,  Reviews

    Panda Gin

    The Belgians may well argue that it was they who ‘invented’ gin. Modern gin does have its roots in the influx of Belgian refugees who introduced distilling juniper as genever to Holland, so when I was offered the chance to try a new Belgian Gin how could I refuse? There are quite a few Belgian gins now in the category. Panda Gin is a 100% organic gin and properly called Panda Bio Gin. It is the first gin to use lychee or litchi as its signature botanical.

  • Knut Hansen Dry Gin
    Gin,  Reviews

    Knut Hansen Dry Gin

    You don’t need to have been a ginthusiast for very long to come across Knut Hansen gin. If the strange name doesn’t catch your eye then the arresting blue eyes piercing out from the stoneware bottle certainly will. Produced in the north German village of Dollerup near Flensburg using a 200L copper Holstein still, the gin is distilled 4 times with seemingly low energy input. There are 14 botanicals in all, some of them known, the others a secret.