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Meet the Distiller

Interviews with craft ginsmiths and master distillers from around the world. Discover the faces behind the labels. Find out in their own words what makes their gins so special and what motivates them.

  • Tim Stones
    Meet the Distiller

    Tim Stones

    Prior to embarking on his career as a distiller, Tim Stones of Manly Spirits Co. Australia, worked as bartender and bar manager in bars such as Lab and Trailor Happiness before a 7 ½ year stint as Global Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin. Intrigued I asked him, what made you take the leap from brand ambassador to distiller?

  • Peter Smith
    Meet the Distiller

    Peter Smith

    Peter Smith, Head Distiller at Bullards Spirirts, is the youngest distiller to have won Best London Dry Gin in the 2017 World Gin Awards, a mere 18 months after the gin was launched along with Peter's career as a distiller. It could have been very different if it wasn't for a chance birthday present.

  • Janet Peachey
    Meet the Distiller

    Janet Peachey

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Janet Peachey of Peachey’s Norfolk Dry Gin at her distillery deep in the Norfolk countryside. Janet is something of a flavour expert. Her experience in concocting preserves and liqueurs means she doesn’t hang about when it comes to marrying flavours together. Her touch is swift and sure. A lot of heart goes into the making of her gins and liqueurs and it shows.