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  • Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin
    Gin,  Reviews

    Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin

    Whirlybird Gin is the latest expression in a long line of Black Shuck gins from the beautiful county of Norfolk (UK). And if like me, you were lucky enough to have found one in your Christmas stocking last year then you can doubly whoop for joy. Not only have you got yourself a rather tasty gin you are contributing to a worthy cause.

  • Merry Berry Collins
    Cocktails,  Gin,  Recipes

    Merry Berry Collins

    A Collins is such a versatile gin drink, open to adaptation and this Merry Berry Collins is a fruity riff on the original. Essentially a long fruity gin sour it has the basic ingredients of gin, lemon juice (the sour bit), simple syrup to offset the sour and carbonated water, all served over ice in a tall Collins glass, (although you can improvise as I did here with any glass that can hole a bit of fizz).