Cocktails are fun. But did you know cocktails have history? Read on to find out how to make your favourite gin cocktails and learn more about their history. Discover new recipes and experiment with the world of gin cocktails.

  • Gin Blueberry Smash
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    Gin Blueberry Smash

    Gin blueberry smash is a fantastic cocktail to mix up in winter, at a time of the year when summer seems a distant memory and the excesses of the Christmas season all too recent. Blueberries are now available all year round in supermarkets and rosemary is a hardy herb that can withstand rigorous winter temperatures.

  • Merry Berry Collins
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    Merry Berry Collins

    A Collins is such a versatile gin drink, open to adaptation and this Merry Berry Collins is a fruity riff on the original. Essentially a long fruity gin sour it has the basic ingredients of gin, lemon juice (the sour bit), simple syrup to offset the sour and carbonated water, all served over ice in a tall Collins glass, (although you can improvise as I did here with any glass that can hole a bit of fizz).