Cocktails are fun. But did you know cocktails have history? Read on to find out how to make your favourite gin cocktails and learn more about their history. Discover new recipes and experiment with the world of gin cocktails.

  • The Sage
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    The Sage

    Created for The Botanist Gin with their herby umami flavours from wild foraged ingredients, The Sage is a free and easy interpretation of a gin sour without the egg white.

  • Gin Spritz
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    Gin Spritz

    Gin Spritz is the simplest cocktail to make and in some ways the nicest. Originally a cocktail from the latter half of the 19th century from the regions of Northern Italy where it meant ‘splash’, it was white wine topped with soda water to dilute it.

  • Martinez cocktail
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    The Martinez cocktail is the grandmother of the martini, emerging some time in the latter half of the 19th Century. A riff on the whisky-based Manhattan, it first appeared in print in O.H. Byron’s 1884 The Modern Bartender as a footnote to the more popular whisky cocktail. Originally the Martinez called for Dutch genever but for a long time now has been made with London Dry gin. Jerry Thomas’ 1887 Bar-tenders Guide lists Old Tom as the main ingredient. This recipe uses Thomas’ Old Tom gin which I think gives it a softer more balanced ‘ginny’ profile. I’m also not very fond of the malty genever. But if that is…