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Cocktails are fun. But did you know cocktails have history? Read on to find out how to make your favourite gin cocktails and learn more about their history. Discover new recipes and experiment with the world of gin cocktails.

  • 5 1980s cocktails remixed
    Cocktails,  Gin

    5 1980s Cocktails Remixed

    The 1980s was the decade of lurid vodka cocktails with naff names that would make you cringe now if you had to order them at a bar. Often concocted from ingredients that were anything but ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’. Fuzzy Navel aside, many of them, given a modern makeover and properly prepared, don’t deserve to languish in mixology’s forgotten and rarely visited alcoholic Hall of Fame.

  • gin strawberry smash
    Cocktails,  Gin

    Gin Strawberry Smash

    Strawberries and Wimbledon go hand in hand. As soon as the strawberry season is in then tennis is on the tellybox and us Brits are glued to our screens. And what could be more fitting for watching Wimbledon than with a chilled gin in hand? Even better a gin that features strawberries?

  • Red Snapper
    Cocktails,  Recipes

    Red Snapper

     A snappy little brunch number, the Red Snapper has been around since the 1940s in one form or another. Quite when the Bloody Mary with vodka at its heart morphed into the Red Snapper with the botanically rich gin as its base is unknown. And really it doesn’t matter. Just be grateful that someone put tomatoes and gin together to cure a hangover.