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Botanicals Distilled

Botanicals Distilled is a series of blog posts explaining the origin, characteristics, taste and uses in gin of individual botanicals. Find out why juniper is the key flavour in gin, why coriander is liked and loathed in equal measure and many other quirks of gin botanicals.

  • Hibiscus
    Botanicals Distilled


    Hibiscus is a popular key botanical in gin often taking centre stage. It also pops up in mixers and is found paired with pomegranate and grapefruit where its tart fruitiness finds natural partners. It is the trumpet-shaped flowers or calyces that distillers are interested in. The calyces are tart to the point of bitterness, adding a jammy floral note to gin.

  • cardamom pods
    Botanicals Distilled


    Cardamom, once tasted, is never forgotten and deserves its regal reputation as the Queen of Spices. It is the 3rd most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla due to its labour intensive harvesting. Every pod is picked by hand.