Brecon Botanicals Gin
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Brecon Botanicals Gin



ABV: 43%
Style: Traditional


Penderyn Distillery in Wales, like many whisky distilleries, also crafts a nice couple of gins on the side and in doing so produces something rather classy and well, quite tasty.

There are two gins in the Penderyn catalogue: Brecon Botanicals and Brecon Gin. The names speak for themselves. Penderyn Distillery lies at the foothills of the geologically important Brecon Beacons National Park.

In 2004 Penderyn revived the tradition of whisky distilling in Wales after a lull of over 100 years. Quite an impressive tradition it is too. Penderyn claims whisky distilling in Wales dates back to the 4th Century.


Archaeology proves that there were small stills throughout Wales


Brecon Botanicals gin is combined with botanicals “from the four corners of the world”. Distilled no less than five times. Although quite why it would need to be distilled this many times is not made clear.


This has to be one of the tallest bottles in my gin cabinet. Simplicity itself with black and white labelling. I like the decorative back label depicting botanical illustrations presumably of the flavours within.

It is slim enough to be easy to hold and pour. No juggling with two hands while struggling with a Copa de Balon. 


Tasting Notes

On the nose juniper, juniper all the way, with coriander hot on its heels. Then juniper again in a neck and neck race with coriander. And an indefinable something warm and spicy a respectable third. I am anticipating a juniper-forward gin ~ yippee!

The label promises juniper, coriander, ‘oriental spices’, lemon, orange, bergamot, cinnamon, cloves and saffron. I’m not disappointed. Fat drops not going anywhere in a hurry down my glass indicate a botanically heavy gin.

It’s all there: bittersweet juniper, complex coriander, citrus and the something spicy. Which may or may not be cinnamon or the ‘oriental spices’.

All in all, a very tasty gin. The mouthfeel is smooth, crisp and clean with a medium finish. This isn’t the most exciting gin out there. But this is a traditional classic well-mannered craft gin of excellent quality and I like it.



To Serve

I think this obliging gin would match well with most mixers.

Try mixing with Fever~Tree Aromatic Tonic Water ratio 1:2, with frozen cucumber cubes and lemon wheel for a delicious G&T.

Or go classic with Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water, ice and a slice.



For more information on this Welsh dragon of a gin check out their website.



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