Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin
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Black Shuck Whirlybird Gin

ABV: 41%
Origin: England
Style: Contemporary Infused


Whirlybird Gin is the latest expression in a long line of Black Shuck gins from the beautiful county of Norfolk (UK). And if like me, you were lucky enough to have found one in your Christmas stocking last year then you can doubly whoop for joy. Not only have you got yourself a rather tasty gin you are contributing to a worthy cause. (Details below of where to buy if you weren’t on the Good List.)


Whirlybird is an old nick-name for a helicopter and staff and crew of the East Anglian Air Ambulance were instrumental in the creation of this gin, forming what must be a most unique tasting panel. A whopping £4 is donated from the sale of each bottle to the EAAA, a crucial service in a county as rural as Norfolk.


A limited collectors edition of only 2020 bottles, delivered in a smart presentation box with the now-familiar tall angular Black Shuck bottle tucked inside, the box and label are a striking red, yellow and orange, the colours of the EAAA. The company hopes to raise over £8000 for this service.


Whirlybird Gin


Infused with blueberry and maple syrup, Whirlybird Gin joins a category where fruit-flavoured gins have pushed forward sales and also the limits of the definition of gin. No doubt any gin with a predominantly fruit flavour is going to prove popular. But in a category that has expanded as rapidly as gin, the old adage is true: not all gins are created equal ~ even fruity ones. So the question is does it taste as good as it looks?


Star Botanicals

Blueberry; Maple syrup.


Tasting Notes

On the nose, Whirlybird Gin has a lovely fragrance, sweet and fruity with soft juniper notes.

To taste it is bright and clean with citrus to the fore and a mellow sweetness from the maple syrup which is subtle enough not to be cloying. Blueberries follow on from the citrus with their delicate fruitiness and the toned-down juniper all combine to give a feeling that if spring blossom was a taste this would be it. Not an overly long finish but clean and bright to the end with a pinch of spice.

This is a delicate feminine gin. Hence the fizz and the pinkness of the cocktails.


The Serve

Great with tonic but better as a spritz.

Try 60ml of Whirlybird topped up in a champagne flute with chilled prosecco and a couple of blueberries dropped in as garnish with a sprig of rosemary. No need for simple syrup, unless you like your spritz very sweet.


Whirlybird Gin Spritz
Whirlybird Gin Spritz



Try mixing up a Gin Blueberry Smash with blueberries, rosemary, Whirlybird, lemon juice and simple syrup. Click here for recipe..


Gin Blueberry Smash
Gin Blueberry Smash



Where to buy:- Black Shuck Ltd.

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