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Hi. I’m Sue, a Norfolk UK based ‘ginthusiast’, with a love of craft gin, and this is my gin blog.


Bramble cocktail
Bramble cocktail

The current craft gin revolution is heaven for a gin lover like me. A fan of gin for more years than I can remember, back in the day, it was Gordons and Schweppes, ice and a slice. Then Bombay Sapphire opened a wedge in the door to flavour which Sipsmith blasted wide a few years later and now we are reaping the rewards.  I’m an avid craft cocktail fan too.


Inspired by the craft gin revolution, in 2017 I decided to turn my hand to creating my own gin. And, of course, what better place to do it than in my kitchen! I knew nothing about distilling gin. But quickly learned through a lot of trial and error and internet research. And I’m still learning.


A basket full of herbs for gin distilling
A basket full of herbs ready for gin distilling

Having turned my 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a gin distillery you can find me most weekends, foraging, macerating, steeping, distilling and tasting and generally having fun with botanicals.


Crafting a good gin with carefully selected botanicals is, for me, no different to baking a cake. You wouldn’t bake a cake with inferior ingredients as you wouldn’t distil with less than great botanicals. Get it right and the result is delicious. Get it wrong and unlike baking, you can always distil it again. 


For the Love of Gin is the online expression of my enthusiasm which I hope other gin lovers will find informative and enjoy reading. I am not an expert, just an amateur who likes to experiment.



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This website represents my honest and independent personal views on gin. If I am sent a gin to review I will make that clear at the outset of the post.

All content is copyright unless stated otherwise. If you do want to use any of my gin wisdom for your own use then please ask first. It is only polite and I might say yes.

There, that should do it. Now let’s get on to the gin.


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