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For the Love of Gin

Hi. I’m Sue Telford, a Norfolk UK based writer, ‘ginthusiast’ and home distiller with a love of craft gin, cocktails and fresh flavours.


In 2017, inspired by the craft gin revolution, I bought a tiny 4L air still, got myself licensed by HMRC, and effectively turned my little 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a weekend gin distillery where I set about distilling with enthusiasm. At the time I knew nothing about distilling. Although I was a keen cook in the kitchen and loved experimenting with flavours. I quickly learned through a lot of trial and error and internet research. And I’m still learning.


For the Love of Gin is the online expression of my enthusiasm which I hope other gin lovers will find informative and enjoy reading. I am not an expert, just an amateur who likes to experiment. I enjoy sharing gin reviews, recipes and cocktails that anyone can create. And I hope you enjoy reading them too.


© The majority of photographs on this website are my own and as such are subject to copyright. If you are interested in any of my cocktail photographs then please get in touch via the contact form. Thank you


Reviews: Sometimes I am asked by distillers to review their gins. I will make this clear in the review. This website represents my honest, unbiased and independent personal views on gin regardless of whether it is given to me or I purchase it myself. I also sometimes post press releases for your information. This does not represent an endorsement of the product. Happy reading!

All content is copyright unless stated otherwise. If you do want to use any of my gin wisdom for your own use then please ask first. It is only polite and I might say yes.


For the Love of Gin


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