Indian Rose cocktail inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show
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3 Cocktails Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show in a cocktail glass


Three very different rose inspired gin cocktails


I love flowers and every year I am seduced by all the amazing flowers and plants, their colour and scent, at the Chelsea Flower Show. At the end of the week, I always feel that I should do better in my own garden. But I know that I can only dream about creating something even as small as a window box anywhere near as beautiful as some of the show gardens.

This year, in a kind of ginny homage, I have made these lovely, unashamedly floral rose gin cocktails for you to try. Perfect for sipping in a hammock, deckchair or wherever you choose in your own little Eden.

If floral gins are your fancy then you will love these too. If you think that rose has no place in a cocktail then think again. Quite a few gins use flowers in their botanicals, including the iconic Hendrick’s. 

I used the limited edition Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin in these cocktails to give them an intensely floral hit. You can read my review of this fabulous gin here. You can also use any of your favourite gins. These cocktails will all work well with London Dry gins.

To find out more how rose is used as a botanical in gin click here.


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Indian Rose

A martini-style cocktail that is the perfect balance of flavours between rose and apricot.

Discovered at Mie N Yu, Washington DC, USA.

Glass: cocktail

60ml Floral or London Dry Gin

7.5ml Apricot Brandy

7.5ml Rosewater

7.5ml Rose simple syrup*


Add all the ingredients to a shaker half-filled with ice.

STIR as you would a martini.

Strain through a Hawthorne strainer into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with a fresh rose petal.


*To make your own rose simple syrup at home is quite easy. Take 1 cup of rose water and add 2 cups of sugar to a pan. Heat gently over low heat until the sugar crystals are all dissolved in the rosewater. Decant into a sterilised bottle and keep in the fridge while you use for a few weeks.


Indian Rose cocktail
Indian Rose


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The Faded Rose

An original cocktail, the faded rose colour is to die for and the taste a combination of rose and raspberry, with a hint of lime. Floral and fruity and fabulous.

Glass: coupe

45ml Floral or London Dry Gin

15ml Chambord

15ml pasteurised egg white

15ml Freshly squeezed lime juice

15ml Rose simple syrup


Before you start making your cocktail make some crushed rose petal sugar to rim your glass.

Take a couple of spoonfuls of ordinary white sugar and a spoonful of dried rose petals. Blitz in a mini food processor or spice grinder.

Next, add all the ingredients to a shaker without ice.

Shae ‘dry’ vigorously for a minute or two to emulsify the egg white. I have said this before but you can cheat at this stage by using a mini electric milk frother. I do it all the time to save on arm-ache.

Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously – again.

Dip the rim of a coupe glass into rose syrup and then dip into the crushed rose petal sugar.

Double strain the cocktail into the chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with a dried rose petal.


The Faded Rose cocktail
The Faded Rose


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Rose Gin Fizz

A simple cocktail that combines the early summer flavours of elderflower and rose in a delightful cocktail that is fresh, flavoursome and fizzy and the perfect excuse to use some pretty paper straws.

Glass: highball

45ml Floral or London Dry Gin

1 bar spoon (5ml) Rosewater

Elderflower presse to top up.


Filled a chilled highball glass with crushed ice.

Pour over the gin and the bar spoon of rose water.

Stir gently.

Top with elderflower presse.


Rose Gin Fizz
Rose Gin Fizz


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