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  • Breakfast Martini - Photo credit: Amy Traynor

    Breakfast Martini

    The signature cocktail of celebrated bartender Salvatore Calabrese, The Maestro, the Breakfast Martini is a modern classic. One morning in 1996 while enjoying his toast and marmalade at breakfast it struck him that marmalade would make a delicious addition to a cocktail.

  • Aviation cocktail
    Cocktails,  Recipes


    The Aviation cocktail is a pre-prohibition variation on a gin sour. Typically floral and somewhat lilac in colour the Aviation is not to everyone’s taste. In fact, it seems to have quite a polarising effect on the cocktail community with the Likers and the Haters quite vocal on social media.

  • Panda Gin
    Gin,  Reviews

    Panda Gin

    The Belgians may well argue that it was they who ‘invented’ gin. Modern gin does have its roots in the influx of Belgian refugees who introduced distilling juniper as genever to Holland, so when I was offered the chance to try a new Belgian Gin how could I refuse? There are quite a few Belgian gins now in the category. Panda Gin is a 100% organic gin and properly called Panda Bio Gin. It is the first gin to use lychee or litchi as its signature botanical.